Our Mandate

The current Cabinet has mandated the Ministry of Higher Education to undertake the following tasks.

  1. Develop and implement Higher Education Policy.
  2. Rehabilitate, modernize and improve the quality of offices, administration and staff of the Ministry.
  3. Safeguard the current properties of the Ministry and bring back any lost property.
  4. Follow-up of past agreements.
  5. Propose legislations related to higher education.
  6. Prepare and publish regular reports about the Ministry activities.
  7. Develop and implement Higher Education Curriculum for Government-run universities.
  8. Strengthen the Ministry’s relations with regional and international organizations that support higher education.
  9. Propose legislations that control and develop the quality of higher learning institutes and universities.
  10.  Source and transparently manage scholarships.
  11.  Operationalize and modernize the National Library.
  12.  Encourage and develop the academic researches of higher educational institutions.
  13.  Accreditation of of degrees awarded by universities and higher institutes.
  14.  Expand higher education.
  15.  Develop inter-university relations both locally and internationally.
  16.  Establish modern research centers.
  17.  Source the right technology for the country.
  18.  Improve the quality of researchers and technocrats.
  19.  Encourage the local organizations to utilize the modern technology.
  20.  Operationalize the Culture and Arts Academy and the National Museum.
  21.  Develop arts and artists.
  22.  Strengthen the cooperation with regional and international heritage organizations.
  23.  Develop and complete the Somali language scripting process.
  24.  Operationalize all bodies and agencies that were under the control of the Ministry.
  25.  Evaluate and monitor the implementation of Ministry duties.