Somali students fly to Sudan for under-graduate scholarships

The director of Somali Ministry of Culture and Higher Education, Ismail Yusuf Osmaan, on Monday held a press conference inside Adan Abdule Osman airport in Mogadishu and confirmed that 105 Somali students who won test examination for scholarship are flying to Sudan country so to start studying.

“One hundred and five Somali students who passed on test examination for under-graduate scholarship from Sudan government are flying today from Adan Abdulle Osman airport to Khartoum. We thank to Sudan to its effort. I will accompany the students to their departure. I will come back to home after making sure that the students start studying smoothly”, Ismail Yusuf Osmaan said.

He added, “I am encouraging the students not to lose this opportunity”.

Some of the students when in the airport said that they are very happy for scholarship opportunity which they won after examination.

The Department of Higher Education is responsible for the accreditation, regular quality control and development of both public and private higher educational institutions. We will do everything we can to help the local universities and institutes to become of international standing through regulation and continuous development.

The Department also runs higher education scholarships awarded to Somalia by friendly countries.

Source and transparently manage scholarships is part of the mandate of Somali Ministry of Culture and Higher Education.

Recently, Somali students travelled Ethiopia for scholarships while flowing days or weeks hundreds of students due to fly to Iraq for full scholarship after they passed examination.