Somali president officially inaugurates the Somali National University

An introductory meetings were held, intending for the opening of Somali National University last night in Mogadishu that has been participated by senior officials of the government led by His Excellency, Hon. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the president of the Somali Federal Republic.

The meetings was chaired by the president of the Federal Republic of Somalia who is also the honorable chairman of the somali National University Board, which is also included other 9 members of the council Ministries led by the Ministry of Cultue & Higher Education Hon. Du’ale Adam Mohamed.

Participants of the conference discussed the cirriculum of the Somali National University, the faculties to start with and the budget required for the university to function properly and other important issues intended to develop the base of Higher Education systems that are acquired by Somali National University to lead the Higher Education in the country.

The Minister of Culture & Higher Education, Duale Adam Mohamed, in his opening speech at the occation, told the meeting and the supreme council concluded from today and on the S.N.U is open after the president has inaugurated.

The reopening of the S.N.U comes after 24 years’ closure due to the absence of the central government and this shows that the federal Republic of Somalia is committed to develop Higher quality Education in the country.