Hundreds of Somali students sit for Iraqi scholarship test

After Iraqi government allowed to Somali federal government scholarships of under and post studies, Somali Ministry of Culture and Higher Education, examined on Monday three hundred and sixteen students for post graduate study in Iraqi universities.

Duale Adan Mohamed, Somali Minister of Culture and Higher Education accomplished by his deputy minister, general director of the ministry, Isma’il Yusuf Osman, members of social affairs commission of Somali parliament visited the examination center in Mahamud Mire secondary school at Waberi district in Mogadishu.

The students who participated the examination came from many parts of the country and hoped to win for their goal of traveling to Iraq for full scholarship purpose.

The director promised that every scholarship will end with fair competition so Somali citizens to get their rights of education.

Duale Adan Mohamed held a press conference inside Mahmud Mire secondary school after evaluated the examination process and thanked to Iraqi government for its role of supporting Somali government and people while there is political instability in Iraqi territory.

“Three hundred and sixteen students are sitting for post graduate scholarship studies in Iraq. I am thanking to Iraqi government. It recognized that Somalia still need for educational support. This exam will be fair. There are also post graduate scholarships which we gained from Iraq”, Duale Adan Mohamed, Somali Minister of Culture and Higher Education said

Monday’s examination is the second during this year as Isma’il Yusuf Osman, Somali Minister of Culture and Higher Education confirmed while briefing the students.

The first examination was July 5, when Somali students examined for scholarships from Yemen and Sudan.