Message from the Minister

Wasiir Ducaale

H.E. Du’ale Adam Mohamed
Minister for Culture & Higher Education

Welcome to the Ministry of Culture & Higher Education, which now has a booklet and website. The two form an achievement and a milestone for the Ministry as they are the first such initiative for years. They are intended to provide information about the Ministry and its mandated roles as well as detail information about all departments to assist our stakeholders and the public to improve our contact, communication and disseminating of public information.

The Ministry is responsible for formulating and implementation of national policies in the fields of culture, higher education and research. We understand education is indispensable for progress and success of any nation, and Somalia is not an exception.

Recognizing this need, the present Government is fully conscious of the importance of Higher Education as well as significant role being played by higher educational institutions despite challenges. They will definitely have the Government on their back in their noble cause of providing best quality Higher Education to the people of Somalia.

Our work is also aimed at preserving the cultural and national heritage and overseeing its development. The Ministry also supports world-class research, commercialization and innovation through a range of programs and services.

MOCHE is committed to expanding the opportunities for higher education, research and culture in Somalia. To achieve this objective, the Ministry welcomes all regional and international partners.

I hope that the Ministry will live up to its commitment to educate students to be an asset of the nation.