The Ministry of Culture and Higher Education was first created in 1974 to develop Somalia’s infant higher education sector. At the time, the country had only one state-run university, which to some extent catered to higher education needs of the country. 

However, the Somali National University (SNU) was destroyed in 1991 when the civil war broke out. A few years later some members of the civil society have established private universities to fill the gap left by the destruction of SNU. Currently, higher education in Somalia involves more than 50,000 students currently pursuing higher education courses at around 60 universities in different parts of the country. 

The Ministry of Culture and Higher Education oversees the provision of quality higher education as well as the promotion and protection of national culture and heritage. Higher Education fundamentally contributes to the future of Somalia and plays a vital role in the intellectual, economic, cultural and social progress of the nation. 

Under a planned development process, the Ministry oversees the expansion of access and qualitative improvement in Higher Education, through established Universities, Colleges and other institutions.