Department of Higher Education

Higher Education in Somalia has made remarkable development during the last ten years despite challenges. The sector educates more than 50,000 students across Somalia and employs thousands of academicians and other non-academic staff. 

The Department of Higher Education is responsible for the accreditation, regular quality control and development of both public and private higher educational institutions. We will do everything we can to help the local universities and institutes to become of international standing through regulation and continuous development. 

The Department also runs higher education scholarships awarded to Somalia by friendly countries.

The Department functions to support the distinctive purposes of higher education sector, whereby quality teaching, learning and training are conducted; quality researches undertaken and quality service rendered.  The paramount goals of the Ministry for this sector are:

  • Undertake institutional restructuring for improving efficiency, relevance and transparency.
  • Regulate and monitor higher education sector in all modes of service delivery.
  • Expand access by supporting existing institutions and establishing new ones (including technical & vocational education).
  • Create conditions for knowledge generation through improved research and innovation capacity.