Department of Admin and Finance

Department of Administration and Finance provides a broad range of financial and administrative services to the Ministry. The Department strives to deliver all of its services with efficiency and in the best interests of the Ministry and the Country. Major units of the division include Finance, Procurement, Logistics, and General Administration. The Department is responsible to:

  • Prepare budget in coordination with relevant departments and negotiate the budget with the Ministry of Finance.
  • Provide general administrative support services.
  • Provide procurement services based on the necessary requirement of all the Departments of the Ministry.
  • Take care of bookkeeping and cash handling.
  • Facilitate release of funds, authorization of payments and control of expenditure.
  • To control the operating and development expenditures of the ministry.
  • Maintain Project accounts.
  • Ticketing for officials traveling abroad on training, meeting, seminar etc.
  • Monitor the proper use of the vehicles for officials purposes.
  • Involve in tendering for any kind of procurement.
  • Submit financial reports.
  • Facilitate audit by an internal and/or external teams and implement their recommendations.